July 25, 2017

Your Compensation Resources – BATP

My favorite Book, Article, TEDTalk, and Podcast for the month – all around the often-taboo topic of money & compensation.

During the month of July, I brought-up and discussed the sometimes-controversial topic of money and compensation.  It’s important to talk about, as money is a key contributor to employee engagement. Behind the right role, the right career path, and the right boss, your “deal” can either make or break your professional experience.

During this short month (thank you 4th of July holiday), I talked about the importance of creating your (engagement) budget as well as the tangible and intangible elements of total compensation.  Now it’s time to go even further and give you additional resources around this important topic.

Here’s my favorite Book, Article, TEDTalk and Podcast (BATP) covering the topic of money and compensation at work.

Book:  Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.  Originally published in the 1930s, this classic book explores the question, “What makes a winner?”  In updated versions, author Arthur Pell explores how recent millionaires and billionaires like Bill Gates and Dave Thomas make their money.  While the book does include a ton of details, the value comes from the themes (and approaches) from these inspiring leaders.

Article:  Use Compensation Data to Keep Your Star Employees, by Ben Eubanks. This article came from “Spark” by ADP and it’s a great resource for Managers who are nervous about keeping their rock-star employees. It also highlights the importance of organizations thinking about compensation constantly – because employees certainly are!

TEDTalkWhy You Should Know How Much Your Co-Workers Get Paid, by David Berkus.  Viewed by over 1.6m people, Burkus questions the reasons why we keep our salaries secret (especially in the United States) and discusses why sharing this information could actually help our organizations, teams and broader society.

Podcast: When Salaries Aren’t Secret, by NPR’s “Planet Money.” I love NPR and their Planet Money podcast series.  This is a great 18-minute PodCast, showcasing what happens when the Planet Money team goes into one NYC-based organization who are fully transparent with their employee salaries.  Tons of great information here!

Your homework this week: You know the drill – check out the above money/compensation resources to make sure you’re staying on your engagement journey! Get reading, watching, listening! This is important stuff!

Coming-up next week: During the month of August, I’m talking about how co-workers can contribute-to (or drain) professional engagement.  While folks in the office aren’t a major component to the engagement recipe, they are part of the mix. Next week, I’ll talk about dealing with toxic peers – what to do if you’re finding yourself working with Debbie (or Don) Downer.

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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