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How it works

The core of the engaged pursuit method is the creation of your professional story.

To create your Professional Story, we explore the key elements that will help you thrive in your career, including:

  • Your optimal organizational state. Are you, for example, more about shaking things up or creating steady growth?
  • Your core strengths and values.
  • The job experiences you’ve loved and the results you’re most proud of.
  • The kind of environment where you work best.
  • The hard and soft opportunities you’re looking for next.

The Professional Story is the North Star to your Engaged Pursuit.

After your Professional Story is complete, you’ll learn how to use it to shape your career plan and differentiate yourself as you build your resume, network, interview for positions and finally secure a job.

The Process

Your engaged pursuit will have seven information-rich modules.



Zero in on how you add value, what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go. You’ll get a Professional Story ‘Dashboard’ and a compelling ‘Elevator Pitch.’ Get clear. Get confident.



Map out a prioritized Career Plan, including target companies and roles and financial goals.



Translate your Professional Story into materials that help you meet your goals.



Use your Professional Story and Engaged Pursuit’s proven strategies to quickly form connections with key contacts, whether in person or via email.



Turn informational interviews into bigger opportunities by practicing the most compelling way to share your story.


Big Day

Exude confidence and communicate your key messages through all aspects of interviewing.



Use the Professional Story ‘Dashboard’ to confirm that any role your are offered is the right fit for your values, strengths and goals.

The Results

With your professional story, you can:

  • Easily understand your professional past and describe what you’re looking for in the future by using a super-easy format.
  • Quickly find the best opportunities for you because you recognize positions, companies and colleagues that align with your Professional Story.
  • Stand out in the job market by telling your story in a way that resonates with others.
  • Identify ways you need to develop in order to obtain the roles that match your Professional Story.
  • Interview more confidently and effectively.
  • Target your networking based on your Career Plan and make a more vivid impression with people you meet.
  • Regain your passion for your current job.
  • Map your Career Plan advancement within your current company based on the unique ways you add value.
  • Stay engaged and happy over the life of your career.

What Tom's clients say:

  • I found the Professional Story work extremely helpful and and integral part of my interview rocess. I have 15+ years of results driven experiences, and Tom was able to collaborate with me on a narrative to be used in a variety of interview situations.  This enabled me to stand-out in front of Hiring Managers and C-level interviewers.  Tom is super professional to work with, full of energy and always available — I highly recommend working with him!”

    – Rocky D., Los Angeles CA, January 2018

  • The Engaged Pursuit Professional Dashboard is true magic.  It’s such a unique, powerful and insightful way to look at what you’ve done professionally as well as where you’d like to go. I immediately started using the product in my search for something new and it was so incredibly useful in my search. When I found a fit, I used the Dashboard to confirm the role was right for me and what I wanted next. This product, in combination with Tom’s insights and personable approach, took the fear out of finding something new. Work with Tom and Engaged Pursuit – you won’t be disappointed!

    – Kim L., Seattle WA, October 2017

  • “I got the results I was looking for working with Tom and Engaged Pursuit. His approach to interview prep is spot-on: Packaging my Professional Story in a compelling (and interesting) way, focusing on my strengths/interests, and communicating my previous business impact in a clear, concise, and confident way. If you’re hoping to stand-out in your next interview, I highly recommend Engaged Pursuit!

    – Christine G., Chicago IL, October 2017

  • “I found great value in the partnership with Tom and Engaged Pursuit.  We worked together to build a strategy focused on the right opportunities from my previous experiences and also defined what I wanted in my next opportunity. Tom was insightful, thoughtful and collaborative throughout our time working together. I highly recommend his services.”

    – John M., Seattle WA, September 2017

  • My relationship with Tom was the true definition of partnership. I can’t say enough about him professionally and as a great human being. Tom was with me through thick-and-thin, not only to guide me and give support, but to provide honest feedback and answer tough questions. He also has a knack for identifying and honing in on areas of strength as well as improvement and was able to bring out the best in me and help me reach my goals. He worked tirelessly in my transition from one Marketing organization to another. In the end, our hard work really paid-off – I just landed a great position in a well-known company with a nice bump in compensation! Thank you Tom and Engaged Pursuit for everything you do – I couldn’t have do it without you!

    – John K., Seattle WA, August 2017

  • I highly recommend working with Tom and Engaged Pursuit if you’re at all nervous about interviewing for a new role. His approach to interview prep goes well beyond the basics – we focused on the interview team extensively, my “Professional Story,” the role itself, as well as the standard set of interview questions experienced at most organizations.  I left feeling confident, knowledgeable, and excited for the opportunity.  And, I got amazing results – I landed a great gig at a highly well-known company serving customers around the world.  Thanks Tom and Engaged Pursuit!

    – Jared S., Seattle WA, August 2017

  • Engaged Pursuit’s Interview Prep product gave me the tools to tell my professional story in a confident, conscience, and creative way. We focused on my past experiences as well as my future aspirations. Also, the Engaged Pursuit Dashboard helped me identify the type of company that really resonated with me, which helped narrow and focus my job search.  Our hard work paid off – I just landed a great Product Management position with a cutting-edge tech start-up. Thanks Engaged Pursuit for all your insight – well worth the investment.

    – Scot O., Seattle WA, August 2017

  • I appreciated Tom’s strategic thought leadership throughout my career transition experience.  He provided me with the tools to be successful as I moved into the highly competitive tech industry.  Tom was supportive, smart, available, and insightful every step of the way. I’m so excited to be starting something new, and I couldn’t have gotten there without Tom and Engaged Pursuit.

    – Melissa V., Seattle WA, July 2017

  • Throughout our partnership, Tom exhibited true professionalism, consistently providing proactive communication, strategic insight and industry expertise. He created a customized career planning solution that exceeded expectations and delivered great results. As a parent; it was particularly gratifying to watch my daughter’s confidence grow and clarity around career objectives crystallize during the process. Tom definitely knows his stuff – he’s worth the investment, especially if you’re not sure what’s next.

    – Dennis M., Foster City CA, April 2017

  • Engaged Pursuit’s approach to interview prep was extremely valuable. Not only did we prepare with real-world questions, but Engaged Pursuit also provided valuable feedback for improvement. I secured a job with a high-tech firm, and I’m thankful for the great preparation in partnership with Engaged Pursuit.  It’s worth the investment!

    – Tri N., Seattle WA, March 2017

  • After nearly a year of introspection, more project management certification and extensive professional transition work with all the high’s, low’s and invaluable learning — I am lucky to progress in my career with a gem of a Seattle company with a national footprint. I am so grateful to Engaged Pursuit for their support and encouragement along the way. Life is a gift and only gets better!

    – Mike G., Seattle WA, February 2017

  • There was something profound about the Engaged Pursuit framework and Professional Story product – seeing it all laid out was so impactful and inspired me to follow my true passion, giving me the confidence to translate a Program Management career into my true passion around Change Management. If you are looking for an innovative way to get excited about your professional journey, I highly recommend working with Tom and Engaged Pursuit. You won’t regret it.

    – Krista M., Charlotte NC, February 2017

  • One of Engaged Pursuit’s best product offering is the intensive interview prep. Hi-tech interviews are often complex – with various phone screens, in-person interviews and case study analysis. Tom brought his expertise and the Engaged Pursuit prep-materials to help me nail my interview and land the job I’ve always wanted. I couldn’t’ have done it without Engaged Pursuit!

    – Lina N., Seattle WA, December 2016

  • Tom is the epitome of “personable” and his organizational skills, professionalism, value and learning he delivered under his stewardship brought me the growth I needed to land a role in a relatively quick period of time.  Out of practice, I would have struggled a bit to sell myself in the salient and relevant ways needed with potential employers in today’s market, which are skills I will use for the rest of my life.  The value Tom delivers extends beyond ‘support’ and is very much a partnership I can only compare to having “personal manager” throughout the experience.

    – Michael G., Seattle WA, December 2016

  • Tom served as a true mentor and professional coach with the insight, experience and perspective to help me not only secure a promotion, but also move into an entirely new role within my company. In addition to my relationship with Tom, the Engaged Pursuit products were also super valuable … from the development of my Professional Story to actually telling my story in an interview setting … all helped me land the job of my dreams.  I highly recommend Tom and Engaged Pursuit to anyone looking to expand their career.

    – Luis S., Seattle WA, November 2016

  • You really helped me to dig deep, reflect, and figure out how to tell my story. It was be such a confusing, overwhelming process and you have such a gift…You were able to drill down, focus me, and point me in the right direction. You are an incredible listener as well as a supporter. I know that the resume revision…made all the difference.

    – Monica F., Portland OR, May 2016

  • You creating my resume was pure gold. I paid for a product and you delivered more than what I was expecting. One of the best things about my experience with you is your ability and strength in listening. You were always dialed-in and seemed as if you could finish my sentences. I found the offering to be incredibly valuable.

    – Kevin N., Seattle WA, April 2016

  • Now that we’ve gone through the process of creating my story and my pitch I feel more confidence in selling myself as I dive into another round of job searching. You’re very approachable, friendly, and you quickly and easily demonstrate a clear understanding of the client’s needs and head space. Your relating makes a strong selling point, in my opinion.

    – Kelly N., Seattle WA, June 2016

  • I’m amazed with the quick results I experienced working with Engaged Pursuit – I landed the job of my dreams after working with Tom for just over 3 months. The Engaged Pursuit model provided me the content, connections, and confidence that I needed to change roles (and negotiate an increased salary)! Tom knows his stuff and gets results – period.

    – David A., Seattle WA, September 2016

  • The investment in my career was totally worth it! I experienced results after working with Tom in just under 4 months and I’d recommend working with him to anyone who wants to get more engaged in their career – whether it be in their current position or if they’re looking for something new. Tom’s approachable, knowledgeable, funny and savvy. Engaged Pursuit was worth the investment!

    – Rosalyn T., Seattle WA, September 2016

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