April 26, 2017

Graduation is coming – Our Best Resources (BATP)

Engaged Pursuit’s favorite Book, Article, TED Talk, and Podcast (BATP) as you get ready to cross the stage and enter the real world.

For the past two months, I’ve been focused on college graduates – those individuals who are about to jump-off the deep-end, from books to the boardroom (hopefully).  When I was getting ready to walk across the stage 20 years ago, I wanted more resources to make this a smooth transition.  Over the past 60 days, I’ve covered some strategic topics like your mind-set coming out of school, the importance of your network and a more strengths-based approach to defining your career path.  I’ve also covered more tactical elements like the Resume, Linked-In, and the dreaded Cover Letter.

Now it’s the end of the month, and it’s time to showcase my favorite Book, Article, TED Talk and Podcast for those upcoming graduates.  Even if you’re an experienced professional, I think you’ll like these recommendations as well.  Here goes:

Book: “You are a Bad Ass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero.  I’m almost finished with this brand-new book (it launched last week) and I’m loving every page!  The author’s writing style is perfection (watch-out for some colorful language) and I think her message is spot-on for folks entering the workforce – making money is an important part of the professional experience and you can cultivate wealth in your own way.  Great resource for people who may feel “weird” about money or feel like they must sacrifice making a difference for an impressive bank account.

Article: “Millennials and the Resurgence of Emotional Intelligence.”  I love Forbes magazine and I think author Sarah Landrum wrote a great article around approaching your professional (and personal) life out of school.  Many of her themes align with the Engaged Pursuit model and discuss the importance of a Value Statement (your Professional Story), Trust, and Meditation. Good stuff here!

TED Talk: “The Power of Introverts” by Susan Cain.  As a fellow introvert, I get the pressure put on those not viewed as “Type-A” or “Super Outgoing.”  Cain has a great message that introverts are valuable in the work-force and should be encouraged and celebrated. I also love her book “Quiet” if you haven’t checked it out (on our Top Books for 2016 list).

Podcast: “How to be Amazing: Andy Cohen.”  I love anything Bravo, and I think Andy Cohen’s professional story is super interesting – he turned his passion for pop culture into his dream job.  But he didn’t get there immediately – he had to work hard from the ground up (at CBS News) to get where he is today.  There’s tons of other great interviews on this Podcast so check them all out!

Your homework this week: You know the drill – start reading and start listening!  I’m hoping these will motivate you and inspire you to do your best work coming out of school.  Still not sure where you’re headed or know someone who appears lost?  Of course, shoot me a mail and we can chat – tom@engagedpursuit.com (even an hour talking can help).

Coming-up next week: I’m a huge fan of taking a strengths-based approach to everything, but sometimes you discover you have opportunities (or “weaknesses”)!  Next week and during the entire month of May, I’m going to highlight how to address these “weaknesses” and how to position yourself if you DON’T have experiences required for a certain career path. I’ll also cover how to answer the dreaded question “So what are your weaknesses??”

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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