April 4, 2018

Case Study: Foundation + Intent + Hustle = Engaged Pursuit

The tech market is hot, but finding an engaging gig takes focus, patience, and positivity.  But most importantly it takes hustle.  Here’s the story of Ryan’s longer-than-anticipated path.

Clients are often surprised when I tell them that finding a new, more engaging role takes time.  Sometimes a lot of time.

Even in Seattle’s hot tech market (with still over 60 cranes across the skyline), clients quickly learn that the competition is insane and organizations are super-picky. “Finding the right match for you is going to take both time and hustle,” I tell clients. “It’s not going to be easy.”

Ryan found that advice spot-on.

With over 20 years in one corporation, Ryan was part of a re-org with significant role reductions across the company. Unfortunately, Ryan was one of the individuals laid-off. Suddenly, Ryan was on the search for something new.

Ryan spent a few days pissed-off (hello 20 years!!) and slowly shifted his mindset to view this as an opportunity to start fresh and get back to what he loved doing – building products and teams from scratch.  No more paper-pushing.  No more politics.  No more badge.  This was his chance for a re-set in his mid-40s.

How Ryan found Engaged Pursuit:

Ryan reached-out to me after hearing about Engaged Pursuit’s Professional Dashboard product through a friend. Ryan found the framework (and resulting Professional Story) intriguing and knew if he was going to hit refresh, he needed to know what made him tick professionally (and what types of roles could help him get back to his roots as an organizational builder). 

Where we focused to maximize value for Ryan:

I’m all about maximizing time and value for my clients – no fluffy stuff here.  We got right to work and focused on building the foundation of Ryan’s professional experience (the Professional Dashboard) as well as his elevator pitch (the Professional Story).  It had been a while since Ryan interviewed and he knew he had to impress his network (and potential Hiring Managers) before they started making negative judgements (usually within the first 45 seconds of an initial conversation, by the way)!

What helped Ryan the most:

Ryan thought the Professional Dashboard was genius. – finally, a centralized, one-stop-shop for creating professional engagement! The Professional Dashboard not only provided a foundation to Ryan’s search, but also inspired him greatly and instilled hustle in his approach (in other words, it lit the fire under Ryan’s butt).  He had no excuses when it came to knowing what he wanted next professionally.

Where Ryan struggled:

As I mentioned earlier, the tech market (especially in Puget Sound) is hot, hot, hot! Ryan didn’t find the perfect fit right way.  It took time to talk to the right people. It took time to practice his Professional Story.  It took time to find the RIGHT role.  Ryan struggled to maintain his hustle during the last couple months of his search. To combat this common experience, we implemented a weekly “hustle check-in” which helped Ryan’s momentum (and attitude) significantly.

Ryan’s big win:

Finally, everything clicked (as it ALWAYS does, by the way). The perfect contact. The perfect Professional Story. The perfect role … it happened with ease and it happened quickly.  Ryan, through his network, discovered a role that matched his Professional Dashboard perfectly – and he knew it when he saw it.  Once the offer came through, we used the Professional Dashboard to confirm the role was perfect (it was) and it even helped in the negotiation of his final package.

Lessons Learned:

  • Knowing who you are professionally is key to an Engaged Pursuit. Whether you’re just staring out, looking for something new, or a victim of a layoff, this is foundational.
  • The market is hot and expect your Engaged Pursuit to take time (probably longer than you think). That’s ok – it’s worth it.
  • Hustle is important. An Engaged Pursuit is a mental journey with ups-and-downs. You must keep at it!
  • When you use the Professional Dashboard, you’ll know when you’ve found the right role. It will be super clear and will happen quickly and easily.

Your homework this week:Nothing!  You should be on Spring Break, right??? (or approaching Spring Break??).  Relax, get outside, and chill-out! If you’re in the Portland-area, go see “Hamilton” (it’s currently on tour there and awesome).

Coming-up next week:  More Case Studies are coming your way! With all the client wins coming-in, I’ve got a ton of great material for you!

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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