Did you know 70 percent of professionals aren’t engaged in their organizations? We’re working hard to reduce this staggering statistic.

Take a step toward a life you’re more passionate about by taking part in an Engaged Pursuit event. These events provide a chance to connect with Engaged Pursuit founder Tom Perry. You’ll learn from the best, get exposure to a variety of interesting topics, and have a chance to ask those tough questions.

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  • I’m amazed with the quick results I experienced working with Engaged Pursuit – I landed the job of my dreams after working with Tom for just over 3 months. The Engaged Pursuit model provided me the content, connections, and confidence that I needed to change roles (and negotiate an increased salary)! Tom knows his stuff and gets results – period.

    ~ David A.
    Seattle WA, September 2016
  • Throughout our partnership, Tom exhibited true professionalism, consistently providing proactive communication, strategic insight and industry expertise. He created a customized career planning solution that exceeded expectations and delivered great results. As a parent; it was particularly gratifying to watch my daughter’s confidence grow and clarity around career objectives crystallize during the process. Tom definitely knows his stuff – he’s worth the investment, especially if you’re not sure what’s next.

    ~ Dennis M.
    Foster City CA, April 2017
  • Now that we’ve gone through the process of creating my story and my pitch I feel more confidence in selling myself as I dive into another round of job searching. You’re very approachable, friendly, and you quickly and easily demonstrate a clear understanding of the client’s needs and head space. Your relating makes a strong selling point, in my opinion.

    ~ Kelly N.
    Seattle WA, June 2016
  • You creating my resume was pure gold. I paid for a product and you delivered more than what I was expecting. One of the best things about my experience with you is your ability and strength in listening. You were always dialed-in and seemed as if you could finish my sentences. I found the offering to be incredibly valuable.

    ~ Kevin N.
    Seattle WA, April 2016
  • There was something profound about the Engaged Pursuit framework and Professional Story product – seeing it all laid out was so impactful and inspired me to follow my true passion, giving me the confidence to translate a Program Management career into my true passion around Change Management. If you are looking for an innovative way to get excited about your professional journey, I highly recommend working with Tom and Engaged Pursuit. You won’t regret it.

    ~ Krista M.
    Charlotte NC, February 2017
  • One of Engaged Pursuit’s best product offering is the intensive interview prep. Hi-tech interviews are often complex – with various phone screens, in-person interviews and case study analysis. Tom brought his expertise and the Engaged Pursuit prep-materials to help me nail my interview and land the job I’ve always wanted. I couldn’t’ have done it without Engaged Pursuit!

    ~ Lina N.
    Seattle WA, December 2016
  • Tom served as a true mentor and professional coach with the insight, experience and perspective to help me not only secure a promotion, but also move into an entirely new role within my company. In addition to my relationship with Tom, the Engaged Pursuit products were also super valuable … from the development of my Professional Story to actually telling my story in an interview setting … all helped me land the job of my dreams.  I highly recommend Tom and Engaged Pursuit to anyone looking to expand their career.

    ~ Luis S.
    Seattle WA, November 2016
  • Tom is the epitome of “personable” and his organizational skills, professionalism, value and learning he delivered under his stewardship brought me the growth I needed to land a role in a relatively quick period of time.  Out of practice, I would have struggled a bit to sell myself in the salient and relevant ways needed with potential employers in today’s market, which are skills I will use for the rest of my life.  The value Tom delivers extends beyond ‘support’ and is very much a partnership I can only compare to having “personal manager” throughout the experience.

    ~ Michael G.
    Seattle WA, December 2016
  • After nearly a year of introspection, more project management certification and extensive professional transition work with all the high’s, low’s and invaluable learning — I am lucky to progress in my career with a gem of a Seattle company with a national footprint. I am so grateful to Engaged Pursuit for their support and encouragement along the way. Life is a gift and only gets better!

    ~ Mike G.
    Seattle WA, February 2017
  • You really helped me to dig deep, reflect, and figure out how to tell my story. It was be such a confusing, overwhelming process and you have such a gift…You were able to drill down, focus me, and point me in the right direction. You are an incredible listener as well as a supporter. I know that the resume revision…made all the difference.


    ~ Monica F.
    Portland OR, May 2016
  • The investment in my career was totally worth it! I experienced results after working with Tom in just under 4 months and I’d recommend working with him to anyone who wants to get more engaged in their career – whether it be in their current position or if they’re looking for something new. Tom’s approachable, knowledgeable, funny and savvy. Engaged Pursuit was worth the investment!

    ~ Rosalyn T.
    Seattle WA, September 2016
  • Engaged Pursuit’s approach to interview prep was extremely valuable. Not only did we prepare with real-world questions, but Engaged Pursuit also provided valuable feedback for improvement. I secured a job with a high-tech firm, and I’m thankful for the great preparation in partnership with Engaged Pursuit.  It’s worth the investment!

    ~ Tri N.
    Seattle WA, March 2017