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It’s a shocking statistic:
Over two-thirds of U.S.
workers say they’re not
engaged at work. we
can help.

Engaged Pursuit can help you have a
more inspired, motivated team by
showing your employees how to create
their Professional Story and build a
compelling (and realistic) Career Plan –
one that’s based on where they’ve been
and where they’re headed. As your team
members learn what makes them tick
professionally, you’ll be able to get the
right people in the right roles to
maximize business results and profits.


Engaged Pursuit customizes company offerings for each organization. Typically, we work
with companies through a multi-month program that includes individual team member
sessions, manager coaching and customized Professional Story/Career workshops. How
we measure results is individual to each team/company – we’ll customize based on
organization’s need. Contact Engaged Pursuit to talk about your specific needs.


Companies who work with Engaged Pursuit can achieve outcomes like these that boost their bottom lines. We'll customize a solution for you, but outcomes may include:


Increased Revenue Contribution


Greater Customer Engagement


Enhanced Productivity


Stronger Manager Engagement/Involvement


More cohesive teams and stronger working relationships


Better matches between employees and assigned roles


Improved retention

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