For Graduates

How it works

You’ve put in the time and
money to earn your degree.
Now make sure that
investment pays off by
starting off strong in
your career.

Where do you even start? Finding a first
job is exciting and super challenging. Too
many new grads discover early that these
early roles are not the right fit. You’re
back to square one in your search for the
perfect match. Now what?

Get clarity after graduation

Your path to success doesn’t have to start with a detour after college. By
developing your Professional Story and post-college Career Plan with Engaged Pursuit,
you’ll learn how to find the companies, the roles and the colleagues that will help you
be your best and create the kind of life you want. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

The Process

Your engaged pursuit will have seven information-rich modules.

The Story

Zero in on how you add value, what you've accomplished and where you want to go. You’ll get a Professional Story 'Dashboard' and a compelling 'Elevator Pitch.' Get clear. Get confident.

The Plan

Map out a prioritized Career Plan, including target companies and roles and financial goals.

The Goods

Translate your Professional Story into materials that help you meet your goals.

The Network

Use your Professional Story and Engaged Pursuit's proven strategies to quickly form connections with key contacts, whether in person or via email.

The In

Turn informational interviews into bigger opportunities by practicing the most compelling way to share your story.

The Big Day

Exude confidence and communicate your key messages through all aspects of interviewing.

The Role

Use the Professional Story 'Dashboard' to confirm that any role your are offered is the right fit for your values, strengths and goals.

The Results

Your professional story and career plan jump-start your job search by:

  • Showing you how to put your college experiences in context for potential employers. For the recent graduate, this is more of an art than a science!
  • Pointing you toward the opportunities where you'll truly thrive — and keeping you from wasting time pursuing roles that aren't right for you.
  • Helping you apply and interview for jobs with clarity and confidence.
  • Showing what makes you stand out in the crowded entry-level job market.
  • Building connections with future colleagues and other contacts.
  • Giving you the blueprint for lifelong career engagement, success and happiness.

What Tom's clients say:

  • Tom provided valuable professional insight as I started my career search coming out of college.  His perspective on the local market, thoughts on salary range and best practices related to the interview process was really impactful.  Tom is confident in his approach and works hard to make sure you’re feeling the same every step of the way.  I encourage any recent graduate to reach out to Tom and Engaged Pursuit!

    Tehva R., Seattle WA, September 2018

  • Working with Tom was super easy and the value he was able to bring to my career search was immeasurable. He provided perspective, reassurance and insight as I started the path of exploring career opportunities outside of college.  The Professional Story + Dashboard created clarity and intent around my search – and both really helped as we partnered on the interview prep.  I highly recommend working with Tom if you’re about to graduate and looking to start your career off right.

    Liz M., Los Angeles CA, April 2017

  • Tom knows how to navigate the complicated post-graduate professional world. He provided clarity, perspective, and insight to get me in front of the right organizations. I used the Professional Story as the foundation for everything – my resume, my cover letter, my LinkedIn profile and my interviews. I secured a great full-time role only months after starting to work with Tom – and I’m still loving my job every day. I recommend Engaged Pursuit over and over again!


    – Michael S., NYC, September 2016

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