April 2, 2019

Hey Grads! New “Now What?” Virtual Workshop Just Added

Hey college graduates (and parents)!  Getting ready to graduate in May and June? Scratching your head asking yourself, “Now What?”  We got you!

April is here!

That means May and June college graduation is right around the corner.  GULP!

Hey graduates … I bet you’re starting to ask yourself, “Now What???”  Hey parents … I bet you’re starting to ask yourself, “Now What???”

Put down “What Color is Your Parachute!”  I’ve got you covered!

Starting Thursday April 18th, I’m leading a virtual 4-week group workshop for college Seniors who might be (ok, really are!!!) freaking-out about the real-world. 

I get it, it’s scary.

But instead of the same-old, same-old post-college prep (think “Resume Best Practices” and “Discover Linked-In” – BORING!!!) I’m taking students way UPSTREAM laying the foundation to life outside the classroom.

Here are the details:

  • Thursday April 18th: “What it’s REALLY like out there – making the transition from college to your first job.”  We’ll talk about what to expect from your search and how to put your head around this experience.
  • Thursday April 25th: “Translating Your College Experiences to Meaningful Skills.”  Just knowing what to look for and what language to use is important – we’ll discuss.
  • Thursday May 2nd: “What Hiring Managers are REALLY Looking for.”  From a real (former) Hiring Manager – me!
  • Thursday May 9th: “I Know The Word ‘Networking’ Gives You Anxiety, but You Have to Do It.”  Enough said.

When:  The virtual group workshop will start each Thursday at 5pm pacific and last 60 minutes. We’ll use Zoom to keep it super easy for everyone and I’ll send you all the details.  Can’t make one of the sessions?  No biggie – we’re recording everything.

Cost:  $250 total and I’m good with Venmo, PayPal or Credit Card (+ 3% processing for Credit Card)

Hey graduates … want an answer to “Now What???” If you’re in, shoot me an email to sign-up!

Hey parents … want an answer to “Now What???” If you’d like to gift this, shoot me an email to sign-up!

Oh, one more thing if you sign-up by April 11th, I’ll include a free hour of 1:1 Career Coaching.  We can talk about whatever before, during, or after the 4-week workshop.  Sweet!!

Here’s a link to my email one last time to sign-up!

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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