April 30, 2019

“How To” (Free) Virtual Workshop on Networking – 5/14 @ 5.30p pacific

Professionals are always told to “Network” in order to achieve their career goals.  Ever ask yourself how to actually DO this effectively?  Hop on this free virtual workshop on 5/14 at 5.30p pacific.

Before I go into detail on some helpful content coming your way, let’s start-off with a quick game!

Match the below career scenarios with the typical professional response:

“I feel stuck professionally”

““My manager says I need a mentor”

“I’m looking for my first gig out of college”

“I really want a promotion”

“I’m new to this company & want quick impact”

“Just the word ‘networking’ gives me anxiety!”

  1. “You need to network!”
  2. “You need to network!”
  3. “You need to network!”
  4. “You need to network!”
  5. “You need to network!”
  6. “You need to network!”

HAHAHAHA!  I hope you got a little chuckle out of that!

But it’s true – it seems like the answer to EVERYTHING is “network, network, network!” 

I don’t know about you, but I always (secretly) struggled with a super-basic follow-up question … “How do I actually DO this??”

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Yeah, Tom, I know I need to network more because I want to [insert scenario above] & I (secretly) don’t know how to do this well…” then you’re going to want to check-out the below!

I’m hosting a free “How To” virtual workshop on networking where I’m discussing my 20+ years of corporate + client experience on this important topic. We’ll review my best practices and leave time for you to ask me questions if you’re struggling!

Here’s more info:

Hey, Tom – when is this?  Tuesday May 14that 5.30p pacific for 60 mins

Hey, Tom – what do I need? Your laptop or phone.  I’ll send you a Zoom link

Hey, Tom – how much is this? It’s FREE!  Because I feel this topic is THAT important

Hey, Tom – what else can you give me? For those who attend, you’ll be entered into a free hour of career coaching by yours truly.

Hey, Tom – how do I sign up?  Shoot me an email & let me know.  I’ll confirm & send you an invite

You have networking down to a science, but know someone who could use a little love in this area?  Feel free to forward them this mail and/or have them send me an email.

See ya on the 14that 5.30p pacific!

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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