March 9, 2020

What I’m Choosing Today…

It’s a rough one today.  Take care of yourself.  Here’s what I’m choosing today…

It’s not even noon out here in Seattle and I feel like we could all use a little pep-talk right about now. 

I’m feeling weird, uncertain, and frustrated.  You too?  Phew.  I feel better already.

Wanted to give you insight into what I’m choosing for today to stay focused on the positive.  In case you need a little pick-me-up too.  Here goes:

  • I’m choosing to acknowledge that today is a weird one.
  • I’m choosing to meditate an extra 5 minutes.
  • I’m choosing to check-in with my Community to see how they are doing.
  • I’m choosing to watch all two hours (or 3???) of “The Bachelor” tonight.
  • I’m choosing to not turn on the local news (you can imagine it’s insane here in Seattle).
  • I’m choosing to take a nap this afternoon.
  • I’m choosing to take Rosie on an extra walk before my nap this afternoon.
  • I’m choosing to stick to my routine as much as possible.
  • I’m choosing to do a couple hours “Deep Work” for my clients.
  • I’m choosing to not look at Facebook. Or the Stocks app.
  • I’m choosing to start “Love is Blind” on Netflix.
  • I’m choosing to drop-off my ballot for our Washington State primary tomorrow.
  • I’m choosing to smile on my Rosie walk when walking by the blooming daffodils.
  • I’m choosing to have a glass of wine tonight!

What are you choosing for today?

Take care of yourself and here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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