July 31, 2019

What I’m Seeing Out There (Summer 2019)

Wondering what the job market is like for clients from New York to Los Angeles?  Here’s some of the headlines heading into August 2019.

Potential clients will often ask me, “So, what’s the job market like out there?” 

Professionals are often surprised when I reply, “Actually, it’s super-challenging.  The days of simply updating your resume and applying via [insert massive job portal here] are over.  It takes time, guts, support, and intent.”

Potential clients then usually turn white and ask for a second beer…

No sugar-coating here – it’s true!

As we’re heading into August, I thought it would be helpful to give you visibility into what I’m seeing out there with my corporate and individual clients. I’m going to send out these insights quarterly as part of the new (and hopefully improved) Pursuit blog.

From NYC to LA, Seattle to Atlanta, here’s what I’m seeing in the market today:

  • The process is still taking several months. Obviously, it’s depends on your location and the type of role you’re going after, but the process is (surprisingly) long for clients.  Here’s some general estimates from start-to-finish:
    • 1+ months:  Sales roles and “hot” areas like Engineering, Cloud, AI, and Data Science.
    • 4+ months:  New graduates, mid-level professionals, and roles in Program/Product Management, Operations, Finance, HR, etc.
    • 6+ months:  C-Level executives and more senior-level folks.  Director/Sr. Director and above are taking longer to land (more specialized, less available).
  • People > Portals. You guessed it!  Landing roles happen through networking.  99% of my clients found their gigs through their network (or in many cases my network). 2ndand 3rdconnections via Linked-In continue to be super important.  If you’re thinking of looking for something new, get that Starbucks card ready!
  • Community is crucial. Because the process is taking longer than expected (for most clients), having support throughout the process is becoming more-and-more important.  Providing this support is one of the main reasons I started this company – this journey is difficult, scary, and totally worth it. Know who’s there to support you and think about upping your meditation and work-out game to get you through!
  • The interview process is (still) all over the place. This is by far the most challenging piece for most clients.  Recruiters who ghost, Hiring Managers who don’t know how to interview, crappy job descriptions.  Some companies are good, but most are super-clunky.  My advice to clients:  Expect this and really go with your “gut” if something in the experience doesn’t feel right.
  • Stability is so 2018! The majority of my clients  come to me because of an organizational change.  New boss, re-org, change of priorities, etc etc etc.  Big change continues to happen across companies.  So, if you’re asking yourself, “Is all this change happening across other teams?” The answer is most likely “Yes!”
  • Clients are negotiating (and winning). I always push clients to negotiate (with specific intent).  My thinking – In today’s hot market, why not?  The results for the vast majority of clients?  More money, added bonus, increased vacation time or better flexibility.  Know that the job offer is (usually) not the final offer.

Thinking of starting your Engaged Pursuit?  Reply to this email or request some time to chat with me directly.  I’m here for you!

PS – wondering if this is the right time of year to begin your search? This might help:

  • Now through Labor Day: Good time to look
  • Labor Day through Thanksgiving: Awesome time to look
  • Thanksgiving to New Year: Bad time to look
  • New Year to July 4th: Awesome time to look

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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