Why Engaged Pursuit

The Engagement Crisis

It’s a shocking statistic: Over two-thirds of U.S. workers say they’re not engaged on the job.

All of that disengagement means a lot of unhappy people and unproductive companies.

Engaged Pursuit founder Tom Perry believes employees become disengaged when they’re in roles or environments that don’t fit who they are. That happens because most people don’t understand what makes them tick. As a result, they move from one ill-fitting job to another. They suffer, and their companies suffer.

A Modern Solution

The usual ways of helping people find jobs that engage them fall short.
A “self-help” approach often lacks real-world practicality. On the other hand, typical
advice on job hunting and resumes tends to be dated and impersonal, and it doesn’t
address the really big question: What does each person need to succeed?

It's time for something new.

Engaged Pursuit is a
revolutionary, modern
approach to developing
engaged employees through
the creation of a
super-clear Professional
Story and a well-defined
Career Plan.

When you define your Professional Story,
clarity instantly occurs. It truly becomes
your North Star for navigating your
career, whether you’re seeking your first
job, looking for advancement at your
current job or ready for a new role. You’ll
gain the tools to confidently tell your
story in a way that resonates with others
and that connects you with the right
opportunities. And you’ll leave
disengagement behind for good!

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