August 27, 2019

Your Back-to-Work | Post Labor Day Guide

Summer is in its final days, with Pumpkin Spice lattes showing-up on menus everywhere.  Here’s some tips for staying on your game as you head back to work…

“Man, this sucks!!”

I remember thinking that to myself the first few days of work after the Labor Day holiday…

It was sort-of like the first few days of college.  Remember??  Lots of nerves.  Lots of unknowns.  Lots of future work.  Lots of Pumpkin Spice.

I’ve found that a ton of other professionals feel the same way heading into September…excited to get back in the swing of things, but also a little bummed to get back in the swing of things.  HAHA!!  Perhaps you can relate?

To help you get through these dog days of summer (and back in the swing of things at work), I’ve created this “Cheat-Sheet” to guide you through the last few summer sunsets.  Feel free to print this out and/or forward to your friends!

Your September Back-to-Work (& Staying Engaged) Cheat Sheet:

  • The next 30 days might suck. Just acknowledging this can make the transition after Labor Day easier.  Schedules are getting finalized, there’s more people heading into work, the “vibe” is a little more intense with everyone.  It’s not the easiest time of year.
  • Stick to a schedule. Set yourself up for success with a defined schedule for the first few weeks of the month. Bake-in time especially for morning stuff (getting kids out the door, longer potential commute, longer line at Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, etc)
  • Align with your boss. Your manager is probably feeling the heat coming back from the summer/Labor Day and having visibility into his/her priorities can help a ton.  Meet with your boss quickly after the holiday to sync-up on immediate needs.  Also know that your manager might be a little more stressed (I know I was!) so prepare for that too!
  • Make your mark. Come-up with a couple (easy) wins for the month.  Could be as easy as bringing your team together to align on priorities (if you’re a manager) or getting your expense reports finalized (if you’re an individual contributor).  Some simple wins can help get you through the intensity of the month.
  • Give yourself space. I always took extra time to walk around the block, break between meetings, and re-connect with co-workers.  You’re probably going to be putting-in extra hours during September anyway, so why not enjoy it?  People are going to be intense (see first bullet above) so give yourself plenty of room to successfully navigate.
  • Think about something new. If you were looking to find a new gig (or are continuing to hate life later in the month), know that September is an awesome time to start looking. October and the first-half of November too.  Lots of tech companies are in their Q1 or Q2 in September – a great time for open headcount. Set-up job alerts and make sure your network is ready.  Maybe think about a Career Consultant too (shameless plug here!!).
  • Eat, drink, meditate, workout (repeat). Healthy food, water, intent, and sweat.  What a perfect combination!  Enough said.

Now get out there and kick some post-Labor Day butt!!

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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