February 6, 2019

Your February Resources (BATP)

Our favorite Book, Article, TEDTalk, and Podcast (BATP) around using your brain to help you get through the long winter months (and help you in your Engaged Pursuit).

Time-and-time again, potential clients come to me frustrated in their pursuit for something new.  “I’ve applied for everything, with no response” or “My mentor isn’t helping me uncover new opportunities.”

When I ask them how much headspace they’re actually using in their Engaged Pursuit, most will tell me about 20%.  Applying to roles using the same resume here, talking to the same two people there.

Not much focused intent around finding that perfect opportunity.

I’m doing things a little differently this month … instead of focusing on a particular topic and THEN giving you resources, I thought this month I’d give you the resources first,and then dive deeper into the topic throughout the month.

For the month of February, I’m focusing on INTENT. How do I define intent?  Using your brain to create FOCUS during the sometimes-scary journey of your Engaged Pursuit.  Bottom line – Discovering something great requires dedication, intensity and awareness.

Here’s my favorite Book, Article, TEDTalk, and PodCast (BATP) focusing on using your brain to create intent around your Engaged Pursuit.

Book: Alive at Work, by Daniel Cable.  My college-BFF Betsy recommended this book and I’m so grateful for her recommendation!  What I love about Cable’s writing is the scientific (neuroscience) approach to finding engagement at work.  His argument – organizations are too rigid, causing creativity (and fun!) to dwindle.  A must read for those who feel “stuck” and not sure why!

Article: The Five Types of Mentors You Need in Your Life, by Julia Fawal.  In this TED/Business article, the author highlights the diversity required in professional mentorship.  I see this all the time – folks only have one mentor, with all their eggs in one basket. My recommendation – bring in the concept of an “Executive Committee” when it comes to mentoring relationships. Different perspectives add a ton of value!

TEDTalk: All it Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes, by Andy Puddicombe.  I’ve become a huge fan of guided meditation (Thank You Insight Timer app) and this TEDTalk highlights the importance of just doing nothing for up to 10 minutes per day.  Clears your head.  Slows you down.  Creates time for intention. Allows for reflection.  All the ingredients to a successful Engaged Pursuit.

PodCast: Slowing Down, by NPR/TED Radio Hour.  This 50-minute PodCast is perfect if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for your plane to take-off.  Lots of great insight into the importance of slowing down and how it will actually help us succeed more!

Your homework this week:You know the drill!  With February here, you know another Polar Vortex is right around the corner!  Cuddle up, grab some tea, and check-out these resources to help you use your brain to create more intent in your personal (or professional) life!

Coming-up next week:  Next time I’m focusing on the importance of intent in the relationship with your manager.  Specifically around certain events (i.e. Performance Reviews) this is crucial – I’ll highlight how I like to bring-in my brain and create intent during these important interactions!

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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