May 22, 2020

Your (Holiday) Weekend Guide

Need some stuff to do this long weekend? I’m here to help!

Hey, your Memorial Day Weekend is almost here, and I wanted to send you some ideas if you’re looking for fun stuff to do, watch, read, drink.

Here’s what I’ve been up to and think you might enjoy:

What I’m watching:  I can’t wait to start Season Two of “Selling Sunset” on Netflix.  It’s a (great???) mix of Bravo, HGTV, ABC (The Bachelor!) and Lifetime all rolled into one.  Totally mindless and totally fun.  Can’t wait!

What meditations I’m digging:  I just finished Judson Brewer’s “Unwind Your Anxious Mind” 10-day course (for the second time) on Insight Timer. Some really good, tactical recommendations to help train your mind to go a more positive place when you’re feeling anxious.  Brewer is also the author of “The Craving Mind” which I also highly recommend.

What I’m reading:  I’ve been on a “non-business-focused” kick for the past couple months, and I’m really excited to start “On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, and Listening Hard” by Jennifer Pastiloff.  I saw this book highlighted on the shelves of Powell’s when I was in Portland in late February (decades ago!) and look forward to starting this read.  You might like it too!

What PodCasts I’m listening to:  I’m really digging “The Happiness Lab” by Laurie Santos (she’s the instructor on Yale’s “The Science of Wellbeing” on Coursera – you might have heard of this).  Her latest episode from last Sunday, “Working Your Way to Happiness,” is worth checking-out if you’re feeling stuck professionally.  If you’re looking for other thought-provoking content, check-out Crooked Media’s “Six Feet Apart” hosted by Alex Wagner.

What music I’m playing:  I’m loving Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Dedicated Side B” released yesterday.  Super fun, light tracks for your afternoon walks around your neighborhood.

What I’m enjoying during my virtual happy hour: Bottled Coca-Cola with real sugar. Enough said.

What I’m talking about:  I’m so grateful to continue to help my community (you!) during this challenging time.  Want to talk or know someone who could use some help? Sign-up for free 1:1 coaching this month at

Take care of yourself and here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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